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Lifeathon- Season 2 is being launched by Christ College of Engineering, Irinjalakuda with KSUM as associating partner. Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) plays a major role in promoting the technical ideas of students.IEDC of Christ College of Engineering helps the innovators to achieve their dreams by giving them proper mentoring and all kinds of support.Events conducted by IEDC CCE have enabled students to flourish in their innovative fields. The event LIFEATHON-Season 2 aims to Connect Students with Startups thereby giving students an opportunity to solve the pressing problem statements given by Startups.




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Call for Campus Ambassadors

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Top 2 campus ambassadors who bring a maximum no. of teams will get exciting cash prizes. Campus ambassadors who bring a minimum of 5 teams will be given Amazon gift vouchers. Campus ambassador certificates will be provided. The referral code to be used will be the FULL NAME OF CAMPUS AMBASSADOR in caps. eg:-if name Amit Kumar, Referal Code - AMIT KUMAR. The interested students are required to submit their contact details including Full Name, Year, Department, College, Email, Phone Number, and Whatsapp details by creating a new submit with the title "Interested" and adding your contact information under the "For Admin" section to ensure the protection of your private information.

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