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Client Acquisition and Marketing Internship

Are you a marketing genius? If so, we could use your help in bringing our product to more business owners. We Inviting applications for 'Client Acquisition and Marketing' internships for Hyloca ( The selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities shall include conducting research to identify new customers, Arranging business meetings with prospective clients, and Undertaking individual tasks of a marketing plan as assigned. Participation in this task is exclusive to students. A male and a female candidate will be shortlisted from the applicants. The selected students will be awarded a total of 20,000 INR along with a three-month-long Certificate of Internship from the start of the project. The interested students are required to submit their contact details including Full Name, Year, Department, College, Email, Phone Number, and Whatsapp details by creating a new submit with the title "Interested" and adding your contact information under the "For Admin" section to ensure the protection of your private information.
Workroom:  Hyloca | Nexart
Perks:  Award Credits to Author & Purchase of Top Submit content
Submits: 6

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Require Development of Mobile Application in Flutter for calls on collaborators to come and help with the development of our mobile application in Flutter. The first phase of the Mobile Application Development will contain only the more primary features of the platform which requires to be completed within a period of 90 days. The application backend along with a preliminary design has been completed and the job of the collaborators involve integrating the backend with the design with bringing changes to the design elements to suit the platform features. We are looking towards creating a dedicated workforce and if you feel you are the right person for the job with knowledge in flutter, we invite you to take part in our program. The selected collaborators will be awarded with a 10K paycheck each for their efforts by the end of the project along with Certificates of Appreciation from our parent company, Nexart. Interested participants are required to share their resumes with their contact information by adding them as submits under this task.
Workroom: | Powered by Nexart
Perks:  Fixed Payments
Submits: 3