Are you looking for a cost-effective way to complete your product, maybe update data or even have a broad team to have your product reach more engagement in the market?

Litebox helps you form your own workforce from our student community who can work remotely to help you get your work done. We help our clients in two ways:


1. Start a Workroom for your Project: By becoming a premium member, you are provided with the option to create your own workroom for your project. After creating your workroom, you can subdivide your project into tasks or events in the case of those tasks that are required to meet deadlines. Upon publication of your task, students in the community whose interests correlates with your task's objectives are notified. From the pool of students who participate, you are then provided the option to shortlist and move forward with the completion of your task.

2. Get our Team Support: If you believe your project is complicated and you require support in helping you subdividing your project into smaller tasks in order to make it easier for the students, we would be glad to help you out. We request you to connect with us or share your requirements to us at Upon receiving your requirement, our team will connect with to help understand your project and work together on making it accessible for our students.

If you starting your project on Litebox, you are entitled to reward the students for their contribution in the form of certifications or payments depending upon the complexity and duration of your project. If you are working with us, we will help you calculate the costs and get connected. Your projects provide valuable experience to these students and we believe in working together to drive more value.