Ardhra Sajan - Breaking Stereotypes in the World of Beatboxing.

Music Posted 3 months ago

Ardhra Sajan who blends mimicry with beatboxing and also does fluteboxing, gives opportunity for rising stars to perform on her Instagram page. The fame of ‘Kerala’s first lady beatboxer’ sits lightly on Ardhra Sajan’s shoulders. Her forte is a blend of mimicry and beatboxing. She also does flute beatboxing or fluteboxing — a combination of flute tones and vocal percussion. Sajan style of transition in celebrities voices and different sounds in nature into beats is attracted a huge number of fan followers created waves on the world stage in beatboxing.

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Odd Cncpt Unveils Electrifying 7-Track Album, " All We Have Is Now".

Music Posted 4 months ago

Odd Cncpt is a solo project by Sooraj, from Kerala. He is an Electronic Music Producer who loves to explore and experiment across genres. 'Odd Cncpt' Showcasing various styles of Electronic music mainly Deep House, Melodic Techno are designed to dance music with a  futurist statement. 'All We Have Is Now' is an a electrifying 7-track hard-hitting mix that makes Odd Cncpt beautifully out of the speakers, fill the space with its high energy. Odd Cncpt always been fascinated in changing the way mainstream music looks, feels, sounds and is performed.

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6091 Music: Bearing the Torch for the New Genres of Electronic Music.

Music Posted 2 months ago

6091 Music is an Electronic Music producer from God’s own country that has been putting out some good pieces of music. Kerala is blessed with several musical geniuses that explore and create music. Born in Trivandrum, Kerala grew up listening to Carnatic music plays “Mridangam” (a percussion instrument )trying to introduce all these ethnic and beautiful instruments and art to the new genres of electronic music. 

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The Melodious Voice that transcends Spectrums and Words | Sandhya

Music Posted 6 months ago

Saravanan Sandhya loves to sing more than anything and that’s what she tells everyone else! Our singer is a BBA graduate with a Diploma in Fashion from IIFT, Bangalore who is currently undergoing training in Indian Carnatic Music after a crash course in Western Classical Music. She always had music in her blood but she had begun to sing and be noticed only after her marriage. Her passion is her music and she has always found ways to be a model to other women thinking of following their passions.


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