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Photography: "Education 2020"

Photographs taken in Mobile Phone cameras are only allowed. Only one entry per participant is allowed. Photos should be submitted only in .jpeg format. Any kind of editing on photographs is not allowed if the found photograph will be disqualified. Participants should be able to submit proof if asked by the committee. Photos submitted should not have any watermark, Logo, or any other signs on it. Submitted photos must be original and taken by the contestant. If any kind of copyright issues are found, the entry will be disqualified. Submissions should not contain any material that is offensive or disgraceful towards any person, profession or community. This competition is open to all students who are in schools or colleges. The winner will be awarded a cash prize of 500 Rs. Decisions of the judging panel will be final. Please refer to the downloadable link and file for further information. For any queries contact: Abhishek - +919958457964 Krishna - +919567625326
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Perks:  Gifts for Author of Top Submit
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This event has ended.