AYAK - A mystical tale of ritual initiation

Posted by Mohammed Salman on Oct 12, 2021
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Barzkh Film released the trailer of Malayalam thriller ‘AYAK’, starring Ashik Safiya Aboobakker, Pooja Mohanraj, Waseem Mohammed, TM Aswin and Mifzal Salahudheen in the lead. AYAK is a tale of mystery that revolves around a ritual occurring once in 20 years. 

The trailer promises a short movie that is haunting and ominous in tone. Set in a deep forest, we are immediately pulled into its earthy darkness and silence that seemingly holds many secrets.

The visuals look stunning, ethereal, and quite spooky even. The first impression gives us the feeling that we’re watching an exotic version of a mysterious thriller. There is no doubt that the trailer is preparing us for a different kind of film.

In the one-minute and 16-second trailer, not much can be understood about the plot or story. We are intrigued to know what awaits the protagonist as he ventures into the depths of the forest. The trailer keeps a mystery from the beginning to the end. The atmosphere, a heavy storm, and darkness combined with an ambitious BGM create a terrific experience. The title reveals at the end leaves us with a lot of questions.

The Screenplay & Direction of AYAK is helmed by Haseeb Abdul Latheef and Sahis Abdul Sathar is the cinematographer. The editing is done by both of them. With a mix of a thriller and drama, the film will surely be a gripping watch with multiple perspectives, truths, and suspense.

You can watch the trailer of AYAK on YouTube : https://youtu.be/FPWBMRQncAQ



Screenplay & Direction by Haseeb Abdul Latheef

Cinematography by Sahis Abdul Sathar

Edited by Sahis & Haseeb

Original Score by Nabeel Zubair

Art Direction by Safeera Saifudheen

Animation by Marwa Salah

Costume Design by Mufeeda KP

Associate Direction by Adhil Iub

Script Assist by Alfina Sherin

Assistant Direction by Mubeen, Ihsan, Vyshnav and Neghin



Ashik Safiya Aboobakker, Pooja Mohanraj, Waseem Mohammed, TM Aswin and Mifzal Salahudheen

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