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Legal Name - KalpTree Fashion and Lifestyle Private Limited

Founded in - 2019

Founder - Piyush Jain and Anmol Jain

CEO - Piyush Jain 

Location - Delhi, India

Website -

The pandemic followed by lockdown and restricted social gatherings changed almost everything, including the way we dress up. Something which was called too boring to be worn outside and now become a chic style statement, Known as ‘KalpTree Fashion And Lifestyle’. And this trend is super comfy and relaxed. The Brands are inspired to bring out collections featuring clothes that are simple yet and stylish.

KalpTree Fashion and Lifestyle Private Limited were established in 2019 Founded by Piyush Jain and Anmol Jain. KalpTree Fashion and Lifestyle is an apparel & lifestyle business firm dedicated to creating value for all stakeholders with innovative Design, Development & Manufacturing of Apparel & Lifestyle products, with a focus on End-Use, Quality & Value.

KalpTree Fashion And Lifestyle company was engaged in business with In-house Design, Development & Manufacturing with the philosophy "Create & Deliver" which has driven them to perform tons of research so that they can offer product-centric services.


"Create Products, Deliver Value."

The Firm started its operations with the introduction of Women Jeanswear as their primary product. In a short span of time the company has expanded its product portfolio including Woven Bottoms, Tops, Ethnic wear for both Kids & Women & expanding. The company has focused on product innovation and design has been instrumental in the introduction of new styles and concepts in the Indian market with fits complimenting body structure and selection of right fabrics & right processes. The strength lies in being fashion-forward and offering the product of 'Right Value'. They work upon the international trends and integrate them with their products suited to the Indian market. They Bring together consumer insights as well international and Indian trends. 

KalpTree Fashion and Lifestyle Aimed at the fashion-forward Young generation the KTFL product diversity includes trousers, jeans, tops, overalls and outerwear. The service which sets in KTFL brand apart is its customization, just in case you want to get something stitched to your size, a brand representative will come to your house, take measures and you will be delivered a custom fit product. What makes them unique is their lighter and flexible weave. 


KalpTree Fashion and Lifestyle offers a wide range of denim and casual wear jeans for men, women. Their denim brands include Clothica, Artree, BlueUrban and EthnicBeat. Currently being retailed directly from its own website, this brand is out to create some noise.

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