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Legal Name - Aarida

Founded in - 2016

Founder - Kumar Divya Rajat and Aditya Nandanbranded

CEO - Kumar Divya Rajat

Location - Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Website -

India is being a fed on across platforms is ‘start-up’. The booming sector is one that who have remained and undeterred even at times when huge industries are crumbling. With the explosion of fast fashion and its industry shift towards value-for-money fashions, the fashion startup has come with a replacement world of a new design paradigm. The newer trends in the market, like eco-friendly apparel, wear-able fashion, product personalization and diversified product segments.

Nowadays where choice is abundant in fashion, it takes something truly special to stand out. This is what Aarida Fashion is mastering. They understands every individual is different in terms of personality, preferences, etc. And, they helps customers to interact with expert designers who understand their requirement and give them a personalized journey with unique designs they aspire.

Aarida fashion, India’s one and only personal style and fashion-friendly online store. Aarida is redefining the concept of women's wear with bespoke fashion that's cost-effective and super-fast execution. They provide high quality customized clothing and deliver the biggest style trends throughout India at the most affordable prices.


Aarida was founded by the sibling duo Kumar Divya Rajat and Aditya Nandanbranded in the year 2016. This new-age luxury fashion brand focus not only on personalizing the clients’ outfits but also ensuring every piece of comfort and enough satisfaction on their budget and time needs. Aarida streamlines support each outfit by allowing the users to decide on ready-made products or customize every single detail of the apparel. 

The brand offers custom-made designs for those looking at making their attire look perfect or create something special for a particular occasion. "We noticed that women have trouble in choosing the products from malls, shops and online platforms as well. They might like the product, but will need the same in different colours and have opinions on sleeve length, work type, fabric, and others. This was the gap that we left untapped and established Aarida to resolve this," says, Kumar Divya Rajat.

The Firm's versatility and tech usage to view products in 3D after design makes it perfect for working-class women who appreciate charm while maintaining their individuality. Aarida offers casual and ethnic wear as well. "Customization is available both in the offline outlets and also website too. What highlights our website is the product personalization on the editor and its immediate preview on a model, unlike other apps that show only sketches," says, Kumar Divya Rajat.

"Aarida is not only focused on personalising the clients' outfits but also making sure that each piece is comfortable enough to meet their budget and time needs."

Aarida is recognized as India's solitary personal style online/offline store that allows shopping the finest clothing exclusively tailored as per consumer's needs and wants. "We firmly believe that Shopping to be our birth-right and not a luxury. We hold pride in delivering the biggest style trends at the most affordable prices at the doorstep. Our commitment is to provide Customised Clothing put together using the best quality fabrics and churning out the trendy fashion clothing with a class-leading customer service experience," is what the company claims.

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