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Legal Name - Binks

Founded in - 2019

Founder - Aamna Khan and Raj Vardhan

CEO - Aamna Khan

Location - Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Website -

Finding the perfect fit clothes online has been a tremendous challenge for Indian women. Reasons why the majority of brand apparel in India are foreign ones, and they factor in European or US shapes and sizes while tailoring clothes. Moreover, the Indian sizing chart is yet to be standardised.

Binks is a Bengaluru based startup for Indian urban women Founded by Aamna Khan and Raj Vardhan. Binks platform helps women get the perfect fit and incredible bespoke tailoring experience online, from the comfort of their homes. Binks was born out of realization due to the dissatisfaction of women with ready-mades and their wardrobes and bodies. Binks clearly understands the plight most of us go through when we need to get a custom outfit that fits us perfectly. They have modernized the tailoring service with ironed out the wrinkles, to the delight of the customers in Bengaluru.

Binks is a part of the Y Combinator accelerator programme, solves the fitting issues through computer vision and machine learning to provide customers with clothing sewn to their measurements, shipped in just three days.


Aamna Khan tells TechCrunch that the return rate for apparel ordered online in India can be as high as 30% to 40%, mostly because of fit issues. Many of the Indian customers who buy ready-made clothes and have them altered by a tailor or accept that if they order clothing online, a lot of it will need to be returned or exchanged. 

Binks started with an offline store in Bengaluru. It started taking online orders in 2020. Binks seems to be very confident about making big with its India specific clothing solution for working women.

In Binks, Users just need to choose a style, share their photographs and need to answer a set of questions such as height, size measurements and preferred brands that are close to their fitting. Further, a female Binks consultant calls buyers to discuss the customisations. 

Key Features : 

A great fit, that gets better comfort - A great fit is very important and that’s why they pull out all the stops to get it right.

The Personal design consultant - Their consultants are qualified and talented women with ideas, who understand the intricacies of stitching for Indian body types. 

Convenience in all the way - They offer a low effort and no-hiccups 

Experience - Pickup and Delivery Service, regular updates, and easy alterations.


Binks uses modern computer vision technology to read body measurements and combines them with the customer’s answers to customize clothing patterns. They have an existing data set of Indian women’s measurements on which to train Binks’ algorithms. Brands use a mix of European and American standard sizing charts and many Indian women prefer looser clothing, making it even more difficult to accurately describe the garment’s fit online.

The Brand has been wowing its patrons with their well-tailored and perfectly fitting clothes with high-quality fragmented in a low NPS. The user experience with a significant amount of the customer's time, involving visits to a physical shop and avoidable during the Pandemic and busy urban Indian women lifestyle. Binks make a super easy technic by letting women place an order online, get fitted at the comfort of their homes and help them with styling their fabric and deliver the made-to-measure clothes directly to their doorstep.

“We plan to make it super accurate and then at the next level scale it and also want to automate it so that once a customer has selected a product, a pattern is produced and cutting is automated, so this reduces the turnaround time,” says Khan.

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