CODe's first edition of Dev Awards entitled 'The Dev Awards 2021' graced by Dr.Bart Jaworski of Microsoft.

Posted by Mohammed Salman on Jul 7, 2021
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Apart from being just a global leader in technology, Microsoft has opened up many initiatives to prepare our young generation for the jobs of tomorrow. It was thus particularly aspiring for Dr. Bart Jaworski, one of the top Senior Product Managers of Microsoft to attend 'The Dev Awards 2021' and inspire the participants through his words. 

'The Dev Awards' is a series of annual events organised by CODe to inspire and appreciate the best tech-heads in their community. CODe or Community of Developers is the association of computer-science students and faculty of the Christ College of Engineering located in the prime town of Thrissur in Kerala, India. From modest beginnings, CODe's community has grown over the years and conducts activities on a regular basis with the sole aim to uplift their community's skillsets. 'The Dev Awards 2021' created another milestone for CODe for the perfect beginning of the Dev Award Series through bringing in the presence of Dr.Bart Jaworski.

The awards were given for the following three categories:

1. Best GitHub Profile

2. Best Project Award

3. Best open source Contribution




Project Award

From the eighth semester - Amal Shankar

From the sixth semester - Noel Gijo

From the fourth semester- Aditya

From the second semester - Thejas Kiran

Best Opensource Contributions: From the fourth semester - Jacob

Best GitHub profile award: From the sixth semester - Sarath I S

Congratulation to All winners and Participants.

The inspiring Words of Dr Bart Jaworski from his experience and knowledge gave encouragement and enlivened the audience. The Exiting part of 'Dev Award 2021' was the announcement of winners names of various categories by Dr Bart Jaworski. This gave a lot of appreciation to the winners for their hard work. 

We wish our CODe members the best in expanding their events over the coming days.

To know more about CODe, check them out on LiteBox:

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Community Of Developers, (CODe), is the student association of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, of Christ College of Engineering, Irinjalakuda, Kerala.

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