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Company: Taxitop Media

Legal Name: Taxitop Media

Headquarters: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Founding Date: 2018

Founder: Harsh Vardhan Mahipal

CEO: Harsh Vardhan Mahipal


Taxitop Media is an Indian outdoor advertising company that currently provides wrap advertisements for taxi cabs and launched digital outdoor advertisements using these incredibly ugly screens on the top of the taxi cabs. The initial phase of the pilot projects was Mumbai and Kolkata, with 50 screens in each city and as of now, it turns 5000+.

Advertising on billboards, malls are common now, Taxitop, a Kolkata based startup has brought about the next evolution of Digital outdoor advertising through innovative on-vehicle advertising. India's first street-level digital media looking to bring advancement of digital in the way India defines and executes advertising. 


Taxitop Media is the most preferred partner of Uber for advertising on their cabs and work on strategically placing car wraps on the exterior of their vehicles, thereby providing mobile advertising space. The cabs have high visibility and can attract unparalleled amounts of eyeballs throughout the day, through various demographics. Uber, however, is not limited to the external advertising spaces but extends within the taxis themselves thereby clients gets an opportunity to grab even more focussed attention. Further, in the pipeline, Taxitop has a unique distinction of being the first company to introduce LED in India on Uber vehicles. 

Harsh Vardhan Mahipal, founder of the Taxitop branding cab opportunities is leveraging the growth transit segment of the OOH advertising. In the past, Taxitop has tied up with Uber to install smart digital screens on top of their cabs. 


The Next Evolution of Digital Outdoor Advertising


The company offers a digital OOH advertising solution, It provides advertising solutions & services through digital taxi top displays and strategically placing car wraps on the exterior of cabs. The process of reinventing the outdoor advertising industry, by providing a unique platform to companies to promote themselves in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.  Taxitop Media has collaborated with Uber India for advertising in the interior and exterior of the car. The company's digital vehicle top LED displays are connected to the cellular network to facilitate the location-based content playback, as well as enabling the administration of content downloads, traditional scheduling, and hardware monitoring. This technique enables the company to provide time and location-based advertising to advertisers.

TaxiTop is the process of reinventing the outdoor advertising industry by providing a unique platform to promote themselves in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. "Our smart screens with smarter media will create an even smarter city through advertising," Mahipal adds.


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