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Company: Qua

Legal Name: Qua

Headquarters: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Founding Date: 2019

Founder: Rupanshi Agarwal & Bharat Agarwal

CEO: Rupanshi Agarwal


In every Industry Women workwear has lagged far behind menswear especially (in India) and Qua fill that gap! Through the stylish and compelling clothing along with inspiring community, they crusaded the women equality in terms of paychecks, pockets and everything else!

Qua is a premium contemporary brand that designs high quality, chic, smart and functional workwear for women of modern India. The company was launched in July 2019. Qua aspires to make working women feel empowered with authenticity, boldness and strength. The brand collection consists of shirts, trousers, blazers and suits. The core products of Qua target market is an urban working woman and have a range from Rs 3195 to Rs 18500. Qua is founded by engineer-turned-entrepreneur siblings Rupanshi Agarwal and Bharat Agarwal, who realised that there was a massive gap between women’s workwear and its quality. 

“While I was working in tech, I realised the shopping for workwear was a disappointing process.” said Rupanshi, “my only choice was between monotonous styles and uninspired designs that would make me sweat and uncomfortable to sit in.” Rupanshi shared her dilemma with her brother, Bharat and finally took a leap of faith. And that's how Qua was founded.


The brand aims to bring back elegant fashion at the workplace by creating a line of modern classics that reflect both an eye towards the future and nostalgia for old school elegance. Qua creates traditional office wear for women, Every single piece is meant to elevate and enhance the boss lady. Rupanshi believes that India has lagged far behind in the traditional women office wear when compared to men, lacking the functionality that everyone deserves. The Qua serves a strong and independent woman of today who have been competing for the neck to neck with men in every field.

Qua is a bootstrapped affordable luxury brand for working women. The brand name was inspired by the Arabic word “Qua” which means Power, Rupanshi created the label Qua Clothing. The brand describes the strong, independent and fearless woman of today world.

A Home-grown affordable luxury fashion brand Qua has opted for zero plastic for its clothing products packaging. The Qua ships all online orders in 100% recyclable cardboard packaging. In economically and environmentally the brand ensures sustainability is by downsizing the manufacturing of clothes. Qua makes all clothes in small batches, instead of stocking warehouses by analyzing old data and predicting demand.

Rupanshi Agarwal, Founder and CEO, says, "its digital platform, the brand also tries to educate the customers about sustainable practices like slow fashion and the importance of making eco-conscious choices that are less detrimental to the environment."


Shopping for workwear for us ladies is not an easy task. Most of them are outfits are either uncomfortable or uninspired almost. Pandering to that problem, Qua picked up the high-end quality fabrics and combined them with perfect tailoring with a dedicated workforce, Qua’s clothing came into being.

Qua’s blazers are lined with viscose instead of polyester, while the collection of dresses and co-ords are viscose and cotton. Polyester makes women sweat, the brand choose light-weight, soft-to-touch comfortable fabrics that allow you to breathe and move freely. With High-quality fabrics like Turkish cotton, viscose and wool blends, our designs allow comfort, breathability and functionality.

“We envision Qua to be a one-stop-shop for the modern working woman in India. And Provides chic and functional clothing and accessories, we want to cater to all her wardrobe-related needs. Sourcing the best materials across the world, our products are high in quality but also accessible and attainable.” - Rupanshi and Bharat

Qua aims to reach a revenue of Rs 400 Crores in the next five years as more and more urban women are entering into the workforce, which is growing at a CAGR of 7% and 5.2 million urban women are expected to enter the workforce in 2023. The brand decided to launch new categories of skirts, handbags, fashion accessories and footwear this year.

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