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Company: Goodmylk

Legal Name: Veganarke Enterprises Private Limited

Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Founding Date: 2017

Founder: Abhay Rangan, Veena Sudharshanchar & Radhika Datt

CEO: Abhay Rangan


The concept of veganism is growing around the world and there are many products that took off commercially and are doing great globally and nationally. Vegan milk is a trend these days and is to be considered as much more nutritious and flavorful than regular milk. Bengaluru-based food tech startup GoodMylk introduced a plant-based dairy that deals with vegan alternatives of dairy products like peanut curd, vegan butter, vegan mayonnaise, oat milk and cashew milk.

Goodmylk is a dairy plant company, that initially started as a door-to-door service providing homemade plant kinds of milk. The brand now manufactures a wide range of dairy-free product lines such as cashew-oat milk, a creamy curd made of peanuts, vegan mayonnaise that is trans-fat and cholesterol-free and butter based on vegetable oils. All these dairy-free products are available for purchase on their own website and Alibaba-backed grocery app BigBasket

"Goodmylk aims to make a delicious plant-based food accessible all over India," said Abhay Rangan, Founder of Goodmylk


Goodmylk was founded by animal rights activist Abhay Rangan in 2017. Abhay Rangan quit engineering college to start the company and make food-based plants like a household habit, Godmylk. Abhay Rangan aims to provide plant-based milk which could be delicious, affordable, and accessible to consumers —and he has bold plans for taking a big bite out of India’s dairy market.

We want to focus all our efforts on Bengaluru and make the product available ubiquitously in the whole city before expanding outside, said Rangan

In the early days of 2017, Abhay Rangan’s mom Veena spent all her nights making plant-based milk by her hand at home and ensuring the products were perfectly fresh in the morning. That time Abhay was an engineering student at the CMR Institute of Technology in Bengaluru, India and would begin his round of deliveries around the city after returning from campus several hours.

Abhay and his mother’s hard work produces cashew and oat milk, peanut yoghurt, and a vegetable oil-based butter in an actual manufacturing facility. They work with a logistics company to fulfil orders that are received on their website—a far cry from the hand-made. Goodmylk is now shipping plant-based dairy to thousands across India including major cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai, in addition to strengthening operations in Bengaluru. 

Their hard work and effort creates some heavy-duty mainstream media attention and Forbes magazine named Abhay one of Asia’s 30 under 30 achievers and also got him a place in one of the youngest Indian entrepreneurs lists. And the startup was awarded the Social Impact Award, NVC, CU Boulder in 2018 and the title of Best Vegan Curd Award, PETA in 2019


Abhay, CEO, Goodmylk, said,We are excited to welcome on the board more mission aligned backers to help the scale India's role in massively transformational alternative proteins space. We aim to help and increase food security, help everyone access more sustainable and ethical products that are good for all.

Goodmylk Handles customer acquisition and delight, talent acquisition and growth, brand strategy and supply chain. The startup operates with a great passion and a mission to make plant-based food affordable and accessible in India. Goodmylk strived to make a plant-based dairy accessible, experimenting with almond, coconut, soy, quinoa and other milk. In the Indian population largest section is vegetarian, so it should come as no surprise that veganism is a growing movement within the country. A survey in 2020 found that 73% of Indians were willing to replace meat with plant-based options. 

Nowadays the majority of people are more conscious about health, and informed about their food choices, and hence the demand for plant-based products. Plant based dairy and the other broader category of plant-based foods are rapidly growing areas of entrepreneurship and innovation in the country. Dozens of startups across the country are entering into the space, mirroring the global landscape and driven by rising Indian demand for sustainable foods. Abhay has set its sights on creating the next big dairy company in India- minus the animals. Goodmylk will definitely help scale the consumers of India by their choices in products that are sustainable and ethical.

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