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Company: Clan Earth

Legal Name: Green Tribe Innovations LLP

Headquarters: Kolkata, West Bengal

Founding Date: 2019

Founder: Priyanka Mandal and Broteen Biswas

CEO: Priyanka Mandal


Clan Earth is an eco-sustainable manufacturing brand that handcrafts completely plastic-free and cruelty-free carry accessories with innovative sustainable fabric. In order to encourage Make in India, they work with experienced artisans from Kolkata to handcraft durable bags. They are also providing training for adults from underprivileged communities of Kolkata to employ them and fight against unemployment & poverty. They have already planted 700+ trees & are on their mission to plant 10000 trees this year.

"Humans of Clan Earth, Buy Sustainable bags, Plant Trees, Live better"

With more than 80% of Indian consumers wanting to buy sustainable products from ethical companies, due to the lack of such strong brands in India, Clan Earth was born. They collaborate with experienced local artisans and use innovative sustainable fabrics to design stylish and super-functional carry accessories such as backpacks, wallets, purses etc. Clan Earth, founded by Kolkata-based duo Priyanka Mandal and Broteen Biswas and they planted 5 trees per product sold to make it unique and bring back the customer to the planet in a simple yet highly effective way to fight climate change. Their vision is to become India's most sustainable brand to bring effective and sustainable products to this generation, which would help to plant more than a billion trees and put Indian craftsmanship on the map.


Clan Earth makes India's first plastic-free manufacturing company & retail online brand with backpacks & bags in their current product line. They were passionate about Sustainability and great design, they have invested almost a year to find sustainable alternatives & create plastic-free backpacks.

Priyanka Mandal and Broteen Biswas worked with experienced and financially underprivileged communities artisans in Kolkata and created durable, handcrafted & stylish backpacks and carry accessories out of sustainable fabrics. They use canvas, cotton interlinings, cotton webbing and metal hardware of the finest quality to make their handcrafted bags. Clan Earth products are delivered in plastic-free and 90 per cent recyclable packaging, which can be composted at home. They are fighting this kind of massive plastic pollution and Poverty. They are on a mission to help and restore the planet and they do it one eco-sustainable bag at a time. 

“We want to inspire the young buyers to be more mindful about their consumption and our vision is to plant and protect one million trees by 2030 together with our patrons,” says Priyanka, co-founder of Clan Earth



Clan Earth bags are made from high-quality sustainable fabrics & designed for the multi-purpose lives we live. Using this bag you can carry your laptop & gym gear in dedicated spaces & on the weekends, take the same backpack on a trip. These earth-loving bags have a clever spacing (without the bulk, hooks & loops for extra carriage), hidden pockets and an eye for detail for the small stuff like keys, never lose your keys anymore.

Clan Earth bags are named after Endangered & Vulnerable animals such as Koala and Amur so that while using them throughout the day, people get reminded of the animals and stay a bit more connected with nature. They wish to create products that don't harm nature and use their brand as a force doing good.

Clan Earth is the first internet brand offering multi-category bags. The product catalogue includes travel backpacks, bamboo toothbrushes, coconut shell candles, fashion bags, work bags, pouches, purses, wallets, bag combo, and other accessories. The company completely claims its products are made from natural material and eco-sustainable fabrics and they were India's first brand to plant five trees per product planted and work with reforestation organizations to plant trees in deforested areas.

“We plan to work with the most innovative and sustainable fabrics such as coconut leather, cactus leather, recycled and upcycled fabrics to provide more exciting sustainable options,” adds Broteen.

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