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Posted by Mohammed Salman on Oct 18, 2021
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Company: Jackfruit365

Legal Name: God's Own Food Solutions Private Limited

Headquarters: Kochi, Kerala, India

Founding Date: 2015

Founder: James Joseph

CEO: James Joseph


India varied cuisines and irregular eating habits, diabetes has turned out to be the gateway disease to other ailments. Jackfruit is a common fruit that grows in almost all parts of India. But now the unripe jackfruit and its flour to be precise is making news for its sugar reducing powers.

Jackfruit365 is a green jackfruit flour with sufficient binding and have a convenient way to control blood sugar through food without changing eating habits. It has a neutral taste and can be added easily to favourite daily meals like Idli, Dosa, Roti, Aloo Paratha, etc to reduce carbohydrates and increase vegetable intake.

James Joseph did something a few brave enough to do. James, a tech veteran who worked with any semblance of Microsoft, Ford and 3M for more than 25 years and start a venture based solely on fruit. Taking his love for jackfruit to a whole new level, he started Jackfruit 365, a company that sells the fruit in a packaged, freeze-dried form, and aims to promote all things jackfruit in 365 days.


The eureka moment of Jackfruit 365, Joseph said:


At the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, where I was hosting a dinner for one of my clients, the Chef Hemant Oberoi had made a spectacular dish called the Varqui Crab along with its veg version, the Varqui Mushroom. It was very delicious, but I couldn’t help thinking why the chef Hemant Oberoi didn’t use jackfruit, which is more nutritious than meat and mushrooms.

Perplexed by the utter absence of jackfruit at the five-star soirees I attended, I asked the chefs said the same thing: Too sticky, too smelly and too seasonal.

Finally, jackfruit season came, I took some to a chef I knew. He used it to create a jackfruit burger coated with jackfruit seed crumbs that was delicious and much crispier than the aloo burger at McDonald’s that I had. The actual eureka moment of Jackfruit 365 happened when we created a jackfruit pie, spectacular and more delicious than the apple pie and pecan pie I had in the US. That was the moment Jackfruit 365 truly took off.

So, Joseph started an investigation on jackfruit and its culture and found that huge amounts of jackfruit are being wasted every season. According to a state government’s website article, Kerala alone wastes an estimated 35 crore jackfruit annually, which is about 75% of the jackfruit harvest. This is happened mainly due to the fruit size, its packaging and logistics.

Concerned about the collective disregard for jackfruit, Joseph left his cushy job with Microsoft and return to his native town Aluva in Kerala and set up Jackfruit 365 in 2013. He wanted to make the underrated and undervalued seasonal fruit available for consumption 365 days a year.

Joseph soonly hired Amalgam, pioneers for setting up food processing factories in Kerala and Bangalore, to procure and process jackfruit and also want to sell the freeze-dried fruit in packets of his brand, Jackfruit 365. For the stickler perfection and quality, Joseph opposes the traditional practice of storing opened jackfruit in plastic packets, to ensure food safety.

A rich in fibre fruit often used as a replacement for rice and wheat in Kerala, jackfruit health benefits are numerous. The glycemic load (glucose level) in unripe jackfruit is almost half of rice or wheat, the fruit also makes a potent carbohydrate substitute for diabetics. Jackfruit’s high potassium content helps to elevate blood pressure and its high anti-oxidant and flavonoid content protect against cancer in our body. It also increases the human body’s capacity to absorb iron and making it extremely effective in preventing and curing anaemia


Joseph James discovered that the unripe jackfruit 365 could be a natural marvel for diabetics. Jackfruit 365 is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the food processing sector, which aims to promote the fruit and make it available throughout the year as flour.  And they Won The National Startup awards this year in 2020, under the Food category. The Founder, James Joseph invented and patented a ‘green jackfruit powder’ for diabetics which the firm now sells across India and the Middle East.

Jackfruit 365 is currently available in 8,000+ shops across Kerala and is also sold via e-commerce websites Amazon and Big Basket. The startup also teamed up with well well known established group Eastern Condiments for distribution, which has taken the product to Middle East chains, including Lulu and Carrefour.

Determined to demonstrate that the dishes made from jackfruit can be mouth-watering irrespective of cuisine type. He made unique jackfruit-infused recipes include galouti kabab, biryani, masala dosa, kathi roll, panna cotta, and payasam, all made from dehydrated jackfruit!  

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